I took S to her first ever Armistice Day parade this morning. To be fair, she slept through most of it – but she was still there.

Salisbury City Councillors at Remembrance Parade
Members of the City Council

veterans during wreath laying
Veterans during the wreath laying
more veterans during wreath laying

veterans flags on parade
veterans on remembrance parade in Salisbury
Veterans on the parade to the church
Salisbury soldiers on parade

various regiments on parade Salisbury remembrance parade
Various regiments on the parade to the church
soldiers on remembrance parade in Salisbury
remembrance parade band
The Band arriving at the church

veterans parade flags in remembrance parade Salisbury

This is a city with a large army presence, a lot of troops are stationed around here, and until recently Land Command was based here. This and the good weather meant there was a fairly large crowd for the outdoor ceremony, which was nice. The Gurkhas joined the parade too, which I’ve not seen before.

We didn’t go to the church service afterwards; I figured after 90 minutes standing outside in the cold, I was pushing my luck for either of us to last through a church service.

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Caroline · 11/11/2012 at 22:20

I remember always being in that parade (ie that exact one) when I was in the Brownies and Guides, I was even chosen to lay the Guides' poppy wreath once which felt a great honour!

Vicky Charles · 12/11/2012 at 17:06

I remember doing the Wilton parades when I was a kid. Have literally just realised that when we got to the church and had to stand about for ages before going in, that was when they were laying the wreaths!

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