Monday 29 Oct
Despite not wanting to go to sleep in the evenings before me, once we both go to bed S does seem to settle well these days. Short walk around town punctuated by wailing and shouting any time we stopped for more than 5 seconds; made queuing really fun. S had a 3-hour nap in the afternoon, which was odd but she had been woken early from her morning nap so probably good. Evening spent lying next to her for 2 hours, reading the Kindle. Praise the Lord for Kindles.
Tuesday 30 Oct
Up early and off to town to run errands before entertaining two visitors (see Tuesday’s blog post). Made lamb casserole from scratch, ate it and didn’t die or anything. S skipped her afternoon nap, so bed time was an early and rather drawn out affair.
Wednesday 31 Oct
Visit from D in the morning; S spent the entire time sitting on her lap, playing and chattering. My sister Z came round in the afternoon, and we went for a wander around town in the pouring rain. Spent 2.5 hours getting S to sleep, then came downstairs in a daze and walked into the kitchen door. Or rather, I kicked it into my own face. No idea how, but there is a slight bruise I’ve had to cover with makeup for the rest of the week.
Thursday 01 Nov
Woken at 2am by roof leaking. Fuming. Called the council first thing, and then emailed my local councillor who seems willing to help. Then we went out to meet my friend K for coffee. She has the most gorgeous little boy who’s a couple of weeks younger than S, and it was so nice to have a good old gossipy catch up. S spent the afternoon puking her orange lunch wherever I pointed her face, which was nice. She went to bed early, listening to a classical lullaby cd I bought on a whim from Amazon. Best money I ever spent.
Friday 02 Nov
Took S to have her photo taken for the local Child Of The Year competition; younger sis came with me and we had a good old gossip. Very proud of S for managing not to vomit on her nice clean clothes until after the photo. Spent the afternoon playing with baby toys and discovering that No More Nails is no good for holding curtain poles above doors. Bugger.
Saturday 03 Nov
Our weekly walk with lil sis A was amended to become a walk to the out of town superstore for supplies. Then we walked back to town and went to Costa for drinks with the family. Realised my coffee order has become a farce, being as it is now seven words long. Came home and had an attack of the housewifes: made mango teething biscuits, beef casserole and bread rolls. Ruined the dumplings though; too much salt. Watched The Empire Strikes Back with S and then she went to bed and out like a light, but it’s highly likely she will be up within the hour, what with all the fireworks and shenanigans.
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