Monday 19 Nov
A night of sleep interrupted by screaming from S to confirm her teeth are indeed still working their way out of her gums. Out for lunch with some dear friends from my gym-going days, including a 2-year-old who was so quiet I forgot she was there! (definitely taking notes from her mother!). Afternoon spent playing; evening spent trying to get S to sleep. Teeth won that battle hands down.
Tuesday 20 Nov
Another night of screaming – way more than Sunday night, and medicine and cuddles made no difference. Up and dressed and out to see the health visitor, which was nice. Asked if there was any help available; answer was no. Afternoon spent trying to get S to drink horrid-tasting medicine.
Wednesday 21 Nov
Teething has combined with snottiness to ensure Macbeth has definitely murdered sleep in this house. Morning spent with D; she played with S long enough for me to tidy a bit, and also rocked her to sleep for me. The woman is a legend. Afternoon spent trying to entertain a rather grumpy baby. Evening spent similarly. Less said about the night, the better.
Thursday 22 Nov
Although there was precious little sleeping involved, S did sleep from 6:30 to 8am laying on my chest, like she used to when she was a lot smaller, which was a nice feeling and almost made up for that being the longest stretch of sleep we had all night. Shopping in the morning, playing in the afternoon with a brief visit from my sister.
Friday 23 Nov
Can’t tell if it was a slightly better night, or after a week of awful sleep, I’m just getting used to it. Went to town to buy the food I forgot/couldn’t be arsed to find in the shop on Thursday. Came home, ate some lunch and made gingerbread men. Afternoon spent waving my hands and pulling faces while S giggled. Every day should be like this.

Saturday 24 Nov
A visit from my sister; normally we would go out for a walk, but the weather was awful so we stayed in. Went to visit a neighbour whose son has a birthday today, while S was napping. Came back to find S had woken up and forced her auntie to play stand-up/sit-down with her. Decided against leaving the house; spent the afternoon napping and trying to do OU coursework. Not entirely successful at either.

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