Wordless Wednesday

This is the first time I’ve attempted a Wordless Wednesday post. I have to say, since I’m not wanting to post photos of S on here it’s been fairly tricky to put together! I’ve done my best though…

Kindle in pink case and Caffe Nero cup
This photo just about sums up my life before S: coffee and Kindle.
Salisbury Cathedral from the Friary in sunshine
The view from S’s bedroom window, on a particularly clear day.
child's drawing of pregnant mother
This picture breaks my heart. It’s a picture my ex’s 4-year-old daughter drew of me when I was pregnant with S. I think the character on the right is her father.
"I HEART MILK" baby leg warmers
Groovy leg warmers!
green-stained hands
This is what it looks like when you decide to make green biscuits for a little boy’s birthday, and mix the green dough by hand.
baby toy keys
These keys are legendary. S loves them and they have allowed me to bath and wash my hair in relative relaxation many times. They live in the bedroom and I dread the day she is no longer enthralled by them.
sleeping breastfeeding baby
Sleepy feeding baby love

Vicky is a mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. She writes about life as a single mother, parenting and lifestyle type things.

  • Joyful


    I enjoyed your post. It isn't exactly wordless though ;-) Enjoy your day.

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks! I'm working on the wordless part...

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