I have decided that from now on, my Saturday post will be about what we’ve done in the last week…
The weather was horrid, and we’d had a busy week, so I decided we should have a day at home. We didn’t do much. I honestly can’t tell you how we passed 24 hours. It was fabulous.
I had an optician appointment in the morning, but S had a very rubbish night’s sleep, so I called and cancelled the appointment. The weather was still poo, so we stayed in all morning; I did a lot of housework while S caught up on some sleep. In the afternoon a friend came to visit and we had a long chat about all sorts, which was nice. When she left the weather had improved a little, so we thought of an excuse to go to the shops, and had a little pootle around town. While we were out, S fell asleep so I walked around a little longer, to try and prolong the nap. Eventually we came home, and after S had a little play on her mat, I put her to bed. Half an hour later, she woke up screaming as if someone was attacking her, and continued to scream for about another half an hour, before calming down a bit. She was still upset though, and couldn’t settle, so I brought her downstairs to sleep in her bouncy chair while I had my tea. She slept most of the evening, but woke up when I took her upstairs to bed again. We had a fairly unsettled night, which was not much fun, but not as bad as Sunday night.
Having spent two days cooped up in the flat, I was itching to get out for a bit of fresh air and exercise. We walked into town to meet a friend and give away some of S’s old clothes, and then had a little wander around town. The walk extended to the large out of town supermarket to pick up my new glasses, when they called to say they’d arrived and I was too impatient to wait. When we got home, S was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake her by bumping the pushchair up the stairs, so we went back into town and had a little wander, during which she woke up, and I accidentally ran the pushchair into several students who were being a bit ignorant. When we got home, the neighbour brought her daughter round to use the laptop, while I played silly giggle games with S on the play mats. Have discovered she is entertained almost indefinitely by being set free with no nappy, to roll about as she wishes on her play mat. She also makes a lot of noise. It was probably the best fun either of us have had in a while. Turned out to be a little too much fun for S though; she fell asleep an hour before bed time and I had great fun trying to get her upstairs and into bed without waking her. I failed, but she went back to sleep fairly quickly and didn’t wake up again until I decided to have an early night at 9pm.
Up and bathed early because the gas man was coming to change the gas meter. He arrived at 8:30 and was gone by 9 so we went for a quick wander into town to buy some gas credit. When we came back S had a little nap while I did a little housework, and then our Home Start volunteer came round and we spent an hour or so chatting and playing. After lunch my sister came to collect us, and we spent a fun afternoon visiting my brother and sister in law. Their two youngest children are quite taken with S, and it’s funny to watch them hover around her, occasionally daring to touch her hands or feet. When we got home the neighbour brought her daughter round to make use of my laptop and internet again, and S spent a sociable half hour chatting to both of them. When they left, we spent a little more time nappy-free on the play mats until bed time. Upon putting S to bed, I went to draw the curtains and found my feet rather damp; the roof was leaking again. I was unimpressed to find that nobody would come out to look at it until the next morning, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I put some pans underneath the drips and spent the rest of the evening going up and down stairs to keep an eye on it
Got up early in case the council actually meant it when they said they’d be out first thing for the roof. Someone called to ask where the leak was and said they’d send someone round, but that I didn’t need to be there. Took S for a walk in the sling, strapped to my hip rather than my chest for the first time. She seemed to enjoy being able to see more, and was particularly taken with the cashpoint. In the afternoon a friend came for a visit with her beautiful daughter. I suppose it’s possible all 1-year-olds look like that and I’ve just never noticed, having not really spent much time with that age group. She was very cute though, and spent a lot of time giving her shoes to S or trying to hug her. They brought us some toys for S too, which was awesome. Later in the afternoon, another friend came round on his way home from work to paint a wall for me. We had a good old chin-wag whilst he painted my living room wall bright pink. When he left S went to bed, and I congratulated myself at getting her fast asleep within 15 minutes. I came downstairs and started clearing up… only for S to wake up screaming 10 minutes later. She showed no sign of tiring, so I brought her downstairs and put her in her bouncy chair, where she stayed, wide awake and wanting to play, until I gave up and went to bed at 9:30. We didn’t sleep particularly well through the night either, and by 5am I was begging her to go to sleep. Poor thing seemed to be begging me to help her go to sleep, but neither of us could manage it.
Up early while S was still asleep; managed to have a bath before she woke up. Dressed, downstairs, breakfast and out of the house to walk up to the hospital for a physio appointment. After the appointment we walked back into town and went to a small, locally-owned an awesome underwear shop for a new nursing bra for me. My suspicions proved correct, and my weight loss has also affected my boobs. But they had to order my bra in for me, which was not so awesome. After that, a short wander around town before heading home for lunch. I gave in and shared S’s afternoon nap with her, and then we spent the afternoon playing on a blanket on the floor. Put her to bed around 6; came downstairs and had just enough time to take out the rubbish and do the washing up before she woke up crying. This is getting to be a daily thing, and I have to say I’m not a fan. She went back to sleep after a little Calpol though. Perhaps her teeth are playing up.
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