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Welcome to my Big Christmas Giveaway!

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A Pair of DiaryDoll Pants

When I went to Brit Mums Live earlier this year, I was intrigued by a speech by Carol Smillie about DiaryDoll, her new business venture that has absolutely nothing to do with decorating people’s living rooms!

DiaryDoll are “pretty clever pants for life’s little leaks” – for those little mishaps you can sometimes get, related to periods, pelvic floors and post maternity. They’re not to be used instead of sanitary products, but rather alongside them for those times when we all can experience a little leakage from time to time.


Given the nature of the product then, it’s no surprise that despite more than 50% of the population being women, and a large percentage of those women probably finding these very useful, you’ve probably never heard of them. The newspapers and TV shows who usually help to spread the word about innovative new products won’t touch these because they’re a bit TMI, a bit icky, a bit… er… well, nobody wants to talk about periods and not being able to jump on a trampoline too much, do they?

Well yes, actually, they do. Actually, more women experience this sort of thing than don’t, and it would be quite handy to know about a product like this.

I was sent a pair of DiaryDoll pants to review, and I love them. Every woman has their big, apple-catcher, Bridget Jones “period pants” don’t they – the old ones, where it doesn’t matter if there’s a bit of a leak. Throw them away! These are like luxury period pants. They look just like normal knickers – because they are normal knickers – but they have a secret weapon: a secret waterproof panel designed to stop any little leaks from becoming larger, more embarrassing issues. 

The great part about DiaryDoll pants is that the waterproof panel isn’t just in the area where you would normally have a sanitary towel; it goes all the way through from the front to the back – waistband to waistband. And they’re machine washable too!

If you have heavy periods or a sensitive bladder, DiaryDoll pants are well worth the £14.95 they cost. I think they’re a brilliant idea, and can’t believe the media are not raving about them!

You can win a pair of DiaryDoll pants as a part of my Big Christmas Giveaway…

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