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2015: Most Popular Posts Linky!

2015 popular posts2015 has been an interesting year for me; I’ve had a lot of different experiences, developed my confidence and taken my business in a direction I never thought possible. I also launched a new website for my business, launched a podcast, and finally published a book.

My most popular post this year was this one about single parents and cuts to tax credits. I also appeared twice on Good Morning Britain around the time the post was published, as well as in a couple of national newspapers. It was nice to feel like my voice as a single parent was being heard.

Funnily enough, one of my most popular posts was a list of things never to say to a single mother – which was first published in 2013! I followed that up this year with a list of things it’s ok to say to a single mother which was also quite popular.

This review of Davina McCall’s new “7 Minute Fit” dvd was also quite popular – I think because her workout dvds are so popular. I actually have her latest dvd, so will be reviewing that one shortly also. 

In January this year I was featured in an article in the Times about the rise of families with only one child. As a follow-up, I wrote this post about why I don’t intend to have more children, and it proved to be very popular – both with those in the same boat, and those who disagreed with what I had to say.

Another older post that was popular this year was this one about how we seem to expect a lot of nurseries and preschools.  This one was originally posted in April 2014, and was incredibly popular at the time after being shared on a couple of educational forums (I think) – but it remains popular today, I think because the subject is still something widely debated.

I feel like I achieved a lot this year, not least taking my business from what was essentially me messing about at my laptop into an actual, proper business. I’ve taken that side of things much more seriously, and am working very hard to build my business and my income.

Now that 2015 is all but over, I am turning my attention to 2016… but that’s a post for another day… and possibly another blog!

If you’re a blogger, I’d love if you’d leave a link for your most popular post of the year here – so that I can be a bit nosey and see what you’ve been up to!

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Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at

  • Kim Carberry


    What a year for you! I hope 2016 is fantastic for you too! All the best for the new year x Kim Carberry recently posted...My Top 10 Blogs Of 2015...My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Kim, Happy New Year to you too x

  • Bek Dillydrops


    You have done brilliantly this year! I remember reading all of these posts. The Tax Credits posts were particularly interesting to me. Well done on such a successful year and I look forward to reading more of your work in 2016.

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Bek, I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging properly in the new year

  • Julie S


    I like to see how your older posts are still relevant and popular this year too. That really shows their power :)

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Julie. Always nice when a post I've worked hard on proves to be popular!

  • Amanda


    What a year you have had... It has been so wonderful to watch you develop and grow through the year :) I can't wait to see what 2016 brings for you! I'm not sure what my most popular post was... 2015 was a year of major change for me and it ended with a reminder of why this change was necessary and how much more I needed to "let go of" for my own sense of peace and wellbeing. So on 21st Dec I decided to take a 3 month social media break and just after Christmas I decided to stop writing at The Family Patch. 2015 has been one of my best blogging years for a good while, and there is so much on there (I am keeping it live for the memories and as a portfolio of sorts) but I know that I need to walk away from. Such a scary and seemingly crazy and risky decision, but it feels like the right choice so I'm taking that risk! I am about to launch Spirit Kid Network, which is an idea that came to me during a morning meditation session and it feels exciting to finally be writing about something I've felt I should write about for over 10 years now but been too scared to (other than hinting at it with the odd post here and there). It won't be for everyone but it will come from the heart, in a way The Family Patch never could be as I felt I had to be careful what I wrote there with such a wide range of topics being discussed. This is, of course, all part of my focus for 2016 which is "Healing" which for me includes writing... So alongside SKN I'll also be working on editing and expanding the novel I started writing in 2010 (eek). So, yeah, not too sure what my most popular post was but my big blogging news is that despite steadily growing my stats this year and having some big highlights (like reading out my post at BritMums), I have taken the huge leap of walking away from that blog! Amanda recently posted...Solstice MusingsMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Oh wow amanda, I can't believe you've stopped doing the Family Patch; what a bold move! I can't wait to see what Spirit Kid Network is all about; it sounds intriguing. And the novel too... seems you've a busy year coming up!

  • Elizabeth Rebecca


    Great to have a look back! Lizzie Dripping

  • Min


    Sounds like you've had an amazing year. I'd really like to take my blog to the next level in 2016. I've added a recent post (Dec 29th) but this was actually my most popular of 2015 by far, after it was featured as Mumsnet's blog of the day. It has proved to be quite controversial with some people! Thanks for hosting this linky and happy new year. x p.s. I met you at Blogfest and you gave me some great advice on building my Facebook page and Instagram (which I have now finally joined!) so thank you for that.

    1. Vicky Charles


      Ah that's brilliant I'm so glad you found my jibbering useful! Am off to read your controversial post!

  • Mrs Tubbs


    What a trip down memory lane! There are some great posts here that I remember reading first time around as well as some new ones. Thanks for hosting and all the best for 2016.

  • Laura McGowan


    Awesome :) Thanks for hosting another great linky!

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