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Minions, Minions Everywhere!

minionsSome of the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed that S is a little obsessed with Minions. She has all sorts of Minions clothes and accessories. People keep asking me where she got them from, so I’ve decided to compile all of our Minions stuff into one big list – for those planning on a bit of Minions Christmas shopping!


minions umbrella



We got this Minions Umbrella a couple of months ago from ShoeZone. S goes absoultely bonkers every time it looks like it might possibly be raining out so that she can use it. 




Minions Trainers




S has two awesome pairs of Minions trainers. One pair was made for her by a friend who can do all sorts of awesome things with shoes – but they’re so precious they’re only for wearing on days we’re not planning on grubbing about! The other pair came from ShoeZone and they’re really great but also more durable. 



minion socks pink




I couldn’t find a good photo of S wearing her Minions socks, so I had to borrow this photo from the Sports Direct website. In doing so I discovered these are only £2.50 at the moment. She has lots of different pairs of Minions socks (some came from Poundland!) but these seem to be her favourites because they’re thicker and softer.




minions t shirt



The t shirt in this picture came from Sports Direct; I got it for S’s birthday but they still have them in stock and they’re only £2 at the moment! 

The trousers came from Tesco a while back, but when I looked for them online, they seem to have stopped selling them. The only Minions trousers they have are these  which I don’t think are quite as awesome!



minions top


Most of S’s Minions t shirts are fairly old now and not available any longer. This one is a little more new though, and you can still get it from the Tesco website




minions hair bands hair clips

These hair clips and hair band came with a Minions alice band too. She also has a yellow set, but I think some or all of those have mysteriously disappeared over time! Perhaps Father Christmas will replace them in her Christmas stocking.

Minions Christmas Presents

I have already been working on this year’s Minion Christmas shopping… here’s what S will be waking up to on Christmas morning…

Minions Hoodie




I’ve hidden this Minions hoodie in the back of my wardrobe; I can’t wait for S to see it! She’ll go crazy when she has a hoodie to go with all her other Minions clothes!



minions hat scarf gloves



I’m going to order this hat and scarf set for S once I’ve organised my finances for the month.




minions knickers



I’ve been looking for Minions knickers for ages; I know friends have been able to find them in Tesco or Asda, but whenever I look online I can never see any! M&S have these though, and they look so cool! There is a slim chance this will lead to S showing everyone her knickers at nursery, but we can worry aboutthat later…






We didn’t see the Minions Movie at the cinema this summer – so obviously, it will be making an appearance at Christmas. I’m not sure which of us is more excited by that prospect!





Are you buying Minions for Christmas? If you’ve found something awesome do please leave me a comment with a link – I need all the help I can get!


This post contains lots of links; some of them are affiliate links. If you purchase anything using one of my affiliate links, you will earn me a small commission – though it will not affect the price you pay for your order.



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  • Kim Carberry


    My girls are crazy about Minions....I am seriously considering getting them the hoodie now. My eldest has Minion knickers. We got them from Primark :) Kim Carberry recently posted...Be safe tonight - Halloween!My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Ahh I'm hoping to go to Primark in the next few weeks. The hoodie is awesome, I've been so tempted to give it to her before Christmas!

  • The Perfectionist Sloth


    Minions are awesome. I wasn't sure if M would want loads of merchandise though. She says she now wants the Minion knickers and the hoodie so they can go on her birthday/Christmas list now.

    1. Vicky Charles


      ha we are Minion mad in our house. With the movie being released soon there's bound to be even more out!

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