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5 Ways Peppa Pig Is Taking Over My Life

5 Ways Peppa Pig is Taking Over My Life

S loves Peppa Pig. Now we have the Milkshake On Demand Player on our TV, she can watch episode after episode after episode after… you get the idea. Because we tend to go for the “popular shows” option, we watch the same episodes over and over again. And it’s starting to have an effect on me…


1. Whenever there are roadworks anywhere, I hear Mr Bull in my head. (for full effect, skip to 1:43)



2. I spend far too much time wondering how this episode doesn’t end in carnage. Seriously. Every time I watch it and Mr Fox turns up at the end, I expect him to put his head in that hole and just EAT EVERYONE LIKE A FOX IS SUPPOSED TO.


3. I canot say, read or think the word “dinosaur” without saying it inĀ that voice. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.

4. I can’t figure out why all the animals can talk, except the ducks.


5. Why the chuffing hell is the queen a human when all of the other characters are animals? I can’t figure out what animal she should be instead of a human, but I know she shouldn’t be a human in a world where foxes play on the swings with rabbits.


Seriously, this stuff keeps me awake at night.

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  • doctomum


    Haha! Love it...well I love your post but not the 'Peppa effect' I have on my life. We have taken to saying 'Yes Daddy Pig...No Mummy Pig' between my husband and I. Obviously now all the other parents hate us for how annoying we have become because of this. And its all Peppa Pig's fault. doctomum recently posted...If Toddlers Did Reviews: My New RideMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      haha I bet they're all looking at you going "omg, they do it too!" S called me Mummy Pig the other day; I was horrified!

  • Barbara


    have you taken S to Peppa Pig World yet. OMGoodness.... the tune plays in your head for days afterwards. And we have been guilty of the "Daddy Pig" "Mummy Pig" name calling too. Great blog, I had a good giggle. My two loved Peppa, but better Peppa then Tinkie-winkie or the Pontipines.

    1. Vicky Charles


      ha no I've managed to avoid Peppa Pig World so far! S is really into Umizoomi at the moment. It's killing me.

    2. Vicky Charles


      ha no I've managed to avoid Peppa Pig World so far! S is really into Umizoomi at the moment. It's killing me.

  • Sharon Powell


    Haha love this post! It's like you jumped in my brain and wrote down what was in there! I can't see roadworks without thinking they're "digging up the road" and the other day I saw a dinosaur top and I said dinosaur in the syle of George to my OH lol x Sharon Powell recently posted...Trendy Tot ThursdayMy Profile

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