Saturday is Christmassy Caption Day!

We got the Christmas decorations out the other day, to check we had everything we needed.
Then we went to Poundland and bought some more shiny goodies.
The verdict was: not enough. Must buy more. We had fun investigating what we had though!
Can you caption my photo?


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  • Erica Price


    Santa wears beads right? Oh you meant a beard!

  • mumturnedmom


    The audition for the role of 'Christmas Tree' was going well... #SatCap

  • Mammasaurus


    Jingle bells mummy smells! (Apologies!!!!)

  • Meg Hodson


    Hi and nice to meet you! Visiting from the weekend hop. Now following via Networked Blogs, G+, and Twitter. :)<br /><br />I host a great weekly Bloglovin&#39; hop that you might enjoy. Drop on by!<br /><br />Meg<br /><a href="http://www.happykidsincblog.com" rel="nofollow">Happy Kids, Inc</a>

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